Shelagh Begg, CPDT-KA, President/Director of Business Development
Volunteer since 2004. Board member since 2006.

Kathleen Wee, Vice-President/Director of Fundraising
Volunteer since 2012. Board member since 2015.

Christine Crunican, Secretary/Treasurer/Director of Foster and Family Placement
Volunteer since 2013.

April Fahr, Executive Director
Volunteer since 2008. Board member 2009-2013.

Steering Committee Members

Jeff Warner, Event Coordinator (Lower Mainland)
Volunteer since 2009.

Brittnee Van Breugel, Volunteer Coordinator and Okanagan/Interior Regional Coordinator
Volunteer since 2012.

Kim Federico, Foster Coordinator (Lower Mainland)
Volunteer since 2014.

Genna Thies, Fundraising Coordinator
Volunteer since 2014.

Dave Davies, Special Projects
Volunteer since 2010.

Supporters and Volunteers

Most of all, HugABull is the hundreds of community members and active volunteers who foster dogs, attend our rallies and events, donate their time and services, and – most of all – are breed ambassadors in their community. We are teachers, nurses, students, and executives; men, women and families; young, old and everything in-between. And contrary to what you might glean from the media, we are the majority – responsible dog owners.

We are a volunteer-run organization and none of what we do would be possible without the support of our community and volunteers.  Thank You!