This lovely lady is Coco, an energetic and playful girl who’s waiting oh-so patiently for her forever family to come along!  Coco has been with us for over one year and we can’t understand why she has yet to find her forever home. 




Coco is wonderfully loving and will smother you with kisses when given the chance. A stickler for the rules, she’d love a home that will give her boundaries and limitations; she’s working hard on her obedience and commands and has an excellent grasp on the basics. Coco would strive in a calm home environment.





Coco loves to go for walks and would make a great running partner. She also loves her toys and will happily entertain herself with them while you’re out, in or outside of a crate.


While Coco can have dog friends with proper introductions she would prefer to live in a house with no other animals; Coco loves to give chase to the neighbourhood cats, squirrels and birds and would be best in a home without temptation.

If you would like to meet Coco and make her a part of your family, please contact us at HugABull today to set up a meet and greet.

Thank you to Alex, Aimee, Briana, Kayla and Peyton for being her HugABull Angels!






With her playfulness and cheeky personality, it’s easy to forget that Kiro is an older girl (10 years old to be exact) but she really is the best of both worlds. Her foster family says that she is a perfect starter dog – playful and a bit rambunctious outside, but super chill and relaxed when she’s at home. Kiro is a world-class snuggler and loves being with people, but shows no sign of separation anxiety when left alone.



Kiro loves to run and play and can get overly focused on toys and food. Games of fetch can quickly turn into games of tug-of-war when she struggles to give up the toy, but she eventually will bring it back for you to throw again. Fortunately, she is very food-motivated and eager to please, so she will work diligently to learn new things – she is already learning to give food space, and now will wait for the command before digging in! 

15778613_10211387178345528_997550219_oAlthough not currently living with kids, Kiro has been around toddlers and young children and shown that she is very gentle with them and gives them their space. However, Kiro is not overly fond of other dogs, and would do well in an environment where she can avoid them by crossing the street or turning a corner.

Kiro also exhibits a strong prey drive with smaller animals, so a home with no cats or small animals is best.

This sweet senior is looking for a home of her very own and some people to love her! If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us today to find out more!

Thank you to Alex, Brianna, Julia and Peyton for being her HugABull Angels!




TJ – Adopted

Full of love to give, this handsome soul is TJ and he cannot wait to meet his forever family.

TJ is laid-back boy that loves to just hang out on the couch and be with his humans. While he’s happy to go outside and chase a ball around, he’s no athlete and is just as content with being at home. He loves kids and enjoys their belly rubs, happy to soak in all the attention.

TJ would strive in a calm home with structure and routine and where he is the only pet. He’s working hard on his dog-to-dog interactions on a leash and he loves to chase cats. 

Food motivated, TJ is working hard on his basic obedience and leash training. He is housetrained for the most part but may require extra reinforcement in a new home until he learns the ropes. TJ highly prefers not to be in a crate while you’re gone during the day and will happily snooze away on the couch until you return.

TJ is truly full of potential and with the right owners he’s bound to be a wonderful ambassadog. If you’d like to meet TJ and become his forever family, please contact us at HugABull today!







Moxie – ADOPTED!


 Moxie is a stunning girl with a ton of enthusiasm for life! Her foster home reports that she greets each day wriggling with energy and pure joy. This young girl needs a LOT of exercise and mental stimulation to help her drain energy and manage her excitement levels, so needless to say: no couch potatoes need apply! She’d be an ideal running or hiking companion, but just about any activity will do. She is always up for endless games of tug or fetch and has even played fly ball in a previous home.



Moxie is very clever and will do just about anything for a treat – provided she has inspected it and found it worthy! She knows quite a few tricks, like spin, shake and highfive. Her most impressive feat is spinning to snatch a frisbee off her own butt before it hits the floor! With all that energy, Moxie needs a calm, structured environment with plenty of outlets for her boundless excitement. Although she does like to pull when walking on-leash, a head collar keeps walks civilized while she continues to work on her leash manners and overall self control.



Moxie doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, but her enthusiasm can be overwhelming! She loves other dogs, but frequently misses their social cues when she gets excited, so calm introductions and supervised play is a must. Although she likes to chase cats,  she’d do fine in a home with a laid-back male dog.

Moxie is happy to hang out in her crate for up to 5 hours and has not shown any signs of separation anxiety. As long as she is getting sufficient exercise and stimulation, Moxie seems to be just fine on her own in the house, crated or loose.

Moxie is one of a kind and will be an amazing addition to the right family. If you’d like to make Moxie a permanent part of your life, please send us at HugABull an email to fill out an adoption form!


Moxie is sponsored in loving memory of Jessica Coulter-Brown.

Thank you to Dierdre, Kayla, Helen & Ruth, Sonya & Amanda, Kimberley, Torin and Rita for being her HugABull Angels!


Tonka – Adoption Pending

IMG_20160712_101440744_HDR(1)Tonka is a sweetheart of a boy that is looking forward to meeting his forever family!

Approximately 5-7 years old, Tonka is calm and loves sleeping as much as he enjoys going for walks. He’s working hard on his manners while on leash and would benefit in a home that is willing to continue on Tonka’s path to success.

Tonka loves meeting new people and greets everyone with a bark before going off to continue relaxing in his kennel. He does well when left alone loose in the house with doors closed and anything edible up and out of the way.IMG_20160712_100257733(1)

Tonka is a smart cookie and will do anything for a treat, but he requires a diet that is chicken and beef free.
Having a high prey drive, Tonka would do best in a house that is cat free. He could get along well with a mellow, laid-back dog.

If you’d like to meet Tonka and perhaps make him a part of your family, please contact us at HugABull today!





Ready to warm your heart is Max! He’s a happy boy full of affection and cannot wait to meet his forever family.

Mr. Max loves to be with his people and lives for quality cuddle time on the couch or bed. Outside, he loves to chase his toys and play tug of war, and has shown interest in outdoor activities such as hiking and beach runs.









Max is playful and curious and would strive in a patient forever home that is committed to helping him achieve his full potential. He is currently working hard on his dog reactivity and is getting better every day, but would do best in a home with no other pets.



Max is fully housetrained and loves to relax in his crate while you’re away for the day; just leave him a Kong with a frozen treat inside and he’ll entertain himself for hours!

Overall, Max is a true gem that just wants to be loved! If you’d like to give him the forever home he deserves, please contact us at HugABull today to fill out an adoption form!






This lovely lady is Wendy, a brindle babe just waiting for the perfect forever family to whisk her away!

Wendy is a gentle and sweet girl. She shows a ton of affection to her foster family and is a quiet and easy-going soul. Her favourite activities outside of sleeping are going for walks and playing fetch in the grass. Wendy loves to roll around in the grass on her back! She also lives to be in the car and car rides are the best thing ever, according to her!



Wendy would do best in a forever home with a laid back male or where she is the only pet. She shows some nervousness around other dogs but if given proper training with the right family she is sure to improve. She also prefers to hang out with adults but would do good in a home with children as well; Wendy is very tolerant and mellow around her little human friends!

Wendy has come a long way with her separation anxiety and if left uncrated, she is content to sleep all day while you’re out. Upon arriving home, expect to be greeted with a happy, wiggly bum, and a big, silly smile.Wendy knows that when she calms down, she’ll be showered with affection, so her excitement generally doesn’t last long.

Wendy cannot wait to meet her forever family, so if you’d like to make her a part of your home, contact us a HugABull today to fill out an adoption form!



Thank you David McCormick for being her Angel.

Sweetie – ADOPTED!



Made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, Sweetie is a shy but loving little lady who’s just waiting for the perfect forever family to whisk her away!

Sweetie is playful and energetic and lives for a good hike or walk. She loves playing outdoors and when she’s done she’s content to cuddle up next to you for all the attention you can give her.

Structure suits Sweetie the best and would strive in a forever home that is committed in training her further. She’s come leaps and bounds on a leash but is still working hard on her excitability while walking. A calm, laid-back home would also be ideal for Sweetie as loud noises and sudden movements startle her easily.



Sweetie is great while you’re away and it content to relax and lounge around the house. She’s excelling at bathroom breaks and has shown that a solid routine helps prevent any accidents. Sweetie so far has done well with other dogs and could get along great with a laid back companion.

Sweety truly is looking for a kindred soul to share her love with. If you’d like to give her a home she deserves, please contact us at HugABull today!



Paddington – ADOPTED!!

Sir Paddington Bear is a love-a-bull, cuddly boy who cannot wait to meet his forever family!

A seeker of attention, Paddington will win your heart over with his playful energy. He’s a gentle giant that loves to “talk” to you when there’s something he needs. He loves to play with his tug rope and loves running up and down stairs until he’s exhausted.

Paddington is working hard on his training and needs to work on his introductions with other dogs. Until he’s mastered this skill, a forever home with no other pets would be best suited for Paddington. He would do well in a home with older children as he forgets about his size when he’s excited.



Paddington does well on a leash but does have a tendency to pull when he sees something that interests him, such as squirrels or rabbits.

While small rooms make him feel uneasy, Paddington does wonderful when left alone at home and is content to just relax around the house. While he has no separation anxiety, he’s just happiest with his family nearby; Paddington loves to be with his people and would strive in a home where someone is home most of the time.






If you think you’d like to make Paddington a part of your family, please contact us at HugABull today to fill out an adoption form!




Chase 2015

This cute and cuddly wiggle-bum is Chase! He’s full of fun energy and cannot wait to meet his forever family.

A big smarty pants, Chase is working hard on his training and with the right leadership, should nail everything that comes his way. He does great on leash when wearing a harness, only needing reminders to slow down on occasion. Chase is also working hard on his separation anxiety and crate training; he prefers his crate door to be open and does not enjoy having it closed. A forever home where someone can  check on him every 4 – 5  hours would be best suited for Chase until his anxiety issues are worked out.


Chase gets along well with other dogs and shows practically no reaction regardless of Chase 2015 2another dog’s actions. Chase gets along with cats and generally just wants to sniff them. He is also great with kids although he forgets about his size and sometimes bumps into them.

The perfect forever home for Chase would be one with a calmer environment as he tends to get excited when there’s a lot going on unless he’s had a good dose of exercise. Chase lives to chase – fetch is his favourite and with two 30-minute ball sessions a day is in happy as the ham he is. He’d love a home with a nice-sized backyard where he can frolic and have fun.

If you’d like to give Chase the forever home he deserves so much, please contact us at HugABull today to fill out an adoption form!

Thank you to Alan and Danielle for being his Angel.

Ralphy – ADOPTED



This fun-loving, rambunctious boy is Ralphy! Full of love, Ralphy is just itching to meet his forever family.

Ralphy is working very hard on his excitability, so he would do best with a forever family that is calm willing to work with him to achieve excellence. A home with older children would be better suited for him as his excitement may knock over smaller kids, but with the right leadership he has the potential to strive in a family home.






Ralphy lives for the outdoors and enjoys being outside in general. He’s recently been introduced to a long, 20-ft lead during his hikes and has enjoyed exploring his surroundings. Ralphy lives for the beach as long as he doesn’t have to go too far into the water.

He is doing well with training and is treat motivated. With calm redirection he walks well on leash without pulling.  With slow introductions Ralpy generally encounters other dogs with ease, but no cats for this little man.  As mentioned before, Ralphy would strive in a home that will be patient with him as he learns how to be the best dog he can be.



Ralphy is crate trained and doesn’t show signs of separation anxiety when you leave. He does enjoy his human company and will pine for your attention until you give him some head scratches. As mentioned before, Ralphy would strive in a home that will be patient with him as he learns how to be the best dog he can be.

Ralphy is truly a loving soul who just wants to win you over. If you’d like to give him the forever home please fill out an adoption application.




Gator – Compassion Foster!

For health reason Gator has been transferred to our compassion care program. Read about our compassion care program at

T11000971_10155174923440497_1188562335_ohis elder-bull is Gator, a 10-year old guy who’s loving life as a foster dog but cannot wait to meet his forever family.

Gator has made leaps and bounds in his training progress and is very eager to please. He’s working hard on his excitability and interactions with other animals, but with the right guidance from a strong leader, Gator is sure to excel.



Gator would do well in a forever home that can provide him with lots of outside time; he loves to explore the outdoors with walks and hikes a couple times a week and has great leash manners. He loves to gnaw on his favourite toys or a Kong filled with peanut butter. He would do well in a home with other dogs after proper introductions are completed, but cats are a no-go for Gator. A forever home with older children may be better suited for Gator as he can become overly excited and forget about his size.



Gator does well unattended at home by himself and prefers not to be crated, he will just patiently wait on the couch for your return. He is housebroken but has had a couple accidents after meeting new human friends.If you think this snuggly, mellow boy would be the perfect match for you, contact us at HugABull today to fill out an adoption form. Gator has 10 years of love built up that he’s just waiting to give his new forever family!

Generously sponsored in the memory of Peter Botham.

Thank you Harold Western for being his Angel.



Notch – Compassion Foster!

Notch 7

 For health reason notch has been transferred to our compassion care program.  He current foster home is committed to keeping him until the end of his days!  Check out Notch’s story at

A comfy bed and soft lap are all Notch asks for, and no one deserves them more. The first years of his life were spent tied in a yard with other dogs coming and going and sometimes picking fights, resulting in a web of scars on his giant head and some nervousness around new dogs. Somehow that hasn’t affected his loving personality, as he is an absolute snuggle fiend with people and dogs he knows.


Due to his build and past injuries, Notch has some mobility problems affecting the majority of his joints. He is up for short strolls and loves puttering around the yard, but not much more activity than that. He would do best in a home with minimal stairs and with people who are looking for a couch and car ride companion – or perhaps a really mellow office dog?

With his giant head, floppy jowls and soulful eyes, Notch wins people over instantly.  He gives enthusiastic facewashes and goes crazy for toys! Notch would do great with kids and has lived with other dogs (large and small) after slow introductions – once he feels safe and understands that the other dog doesn’t mean any trouble, he enjoys having a canine friend. No cats unfortunately. Despite his mellow nature he does demonstrate some prey drive around kitties.


Although only 8 years old, Notch has some special care needs but is doing very well on a management plan. He is a loving and easy-going boy who is the ultimate couch potato companion, and will return every speck of kindness with a bucketful of love. If you think you might be the right person to squish that giant head for the rest of his life, please get in touch!

Thank you to Jolee & Sarah for being his HugABull Angel!


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