Our dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and so do their owners! Pit bulls live on farms, condos, mansions…with kids, dogs cats, reptiles and rats. As long as they have love and physical and mental stimulation, they can thrive wherever their human is.

What the best pit bull owners have in common is a set of shared values and a commitment to helping their dog – and the breed – become the best it can be. Have you considered adopting a pit bull? You are probably ready if…

you take the responsibility of dog ownership seriously and will commit to training, caring for and exercising your dog. Every irresponsible owner is a huge setback to changing minds about this breed.

you have somewhat of a thick skin. There will be times you meet ignorance, prejudice and misinformation simply because of the way your dog looks. You’ll need to ignore some comments and rudeness, and use the opportunity to educate whenever possible.

you can provide a moderate amount of exercise every day. Pit bulls have “on/off”switches – extremely active and able to chase a ball or hike for miles, but also perfectly content to warm your couch for hours. A balance of exercise and downtime every day makes for a  happy and obedient dog.

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you enjoy a dog full of personality! We often say that anyone who dislikes pit bulls hasn’t met one, because the vast majority of them are wiggle-bummed, face-washing sweethearts who love, love, love people. Pit bulls weren’t necessarily bred to fight or aggress, but they were bred to have a close working relationship with their human, and they are not a good choice if you want a very independent dog. Your pit bull can snooze away the day while you’re at work, but will definitely claim your attention – and your lap – the minute you get home

you will enroll in an obedience class. Training and socialization make good dogs, and a dog with a lot of energy, drive and intelligence needs to channel all of that into positive activities. Classes are great for teaching manners and increasing the bond between human and canine. (Ask us for a list of recommended, bullie-friendly trainers – some of whom give discounts to HugABull and/or rescue dogs).

you are comfortable being a breed advocate. While another breed can misbehave and simply be “feisty” or “having a bad day”, a pit bull’s transgressions are magnified. It’s not fair, but it is a part of pit bull ownership and many of us embrace the opportunity to meet a higher standard of ownership and challenge preconceptions.

you know all of the hard parts are worth it. When you look in your dog’s eyes and see nothing but love and devotion, it’s impossible to watch media reports and hear comments without wanting to do something. No one will love you like your pit bull does, and the time and energy you invest will pay off a hundredfold!

If all of the above sounds good and you’re looking to add a canine family member, fill out our adoption application and speak to one of our Foster and Family Placement Directors to find a pit bull that’s a match for you.



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