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Applicants should be

  • at least 21 years old
  • able to travel to the dog’s foster home (Vancouver Lower Mainland , Vancouver Island or Okanagan) for a meet and greet
  • familiar with the breed
  • committed to responsible dog ownership and being a breed ambassador

The adoption process

1. Fill in and submit our adoption application. If you are interested in a specific dog on our Adoptables page, please indicate that on the form. Otherwise, one of our Foster and Family Placement Directors would be happy to advise on what dog would be a match for your family and lifestyle.

2. Phone interview with one of our Foster and Family Placement Directors. You’ll chat about your needs and lifestyle, your level of experience with dogs, and your expectations – the information our directors need to make a match. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

3. Homecheck by a HugABull volunteer. Many people think we are judging their home or housekeeping, but this is not the case at all! It’s simply a step to get to know you better and to ensure your home is a safe and comfortable environment for a pet. It is also an extra security measure so prevent adoptions on false pretenses.

4. Arrange a meet and greet with the dog(s) determined to be a suitable match. You are encouraged to bring family members and your resident dog(s) to see if there is chemistry.

5. Follow-up discussion with HugABull Director.

6. Two week ‘foster-to-adopt’ trial period. We support the dog’s smooth transition and integration into your home, and ensure the right match has been made. You can contact a HugABull director at any time with questions or concerns.

7. Adoption contract is signed and you officially welcome your new family member home. HugABull is here to provide support for the lifetime of your adopted dog. You’ll also have the HugABull discussion forum as a health, training and socialization resource. (And if you make it to this step, submit your story and photo for our Matches Made in Heaven page!)

Congratulations and enjoy your new family member. Your life has been forever changed, for the better.