We all know that pit bulls get a bad rap! They are demonized in the media, feared by people who don’t know any better, and suffer at the hands of abusive and irresponsible owners. We are committed to being their voice – a small price to pay for the unconditional love and loyalty they give us every day. Here’s how you can help:

  • Train and socialize your pit bull. A living, breathing ambassadog is the best proof that a pit bull is nothing to be feared.
  • Respond to unfair media coverage. Visit our resources and links page to learn the facts, so you can respond to journalists who insist on demonizing the breed to make headlines.
  • Respond to fair media coverage. When journalists provide a balanced point of view on dog safety or the breed, be sure to thank them for objective reporting.
  • Give us a heads-up when you see a pit bull related media story or resource.
  • Participate in discussions with your strata council, organizations, and municipal bylaws about dog safety to provide a balanced perspective and data (hint: it always shows that Breed Specific Legislation doesn’t work).