cid_994HugABull is run entirely by volunteers and we can use your help – especially in the following areas listed below. Interested in helping out? Fill out our Volunteer Application and let us know how you would like to contribute.

Foster Care
Foster care saves lives, and without foster families, rescue would not be possible. Visit our Foster Care page to learn more. Note that while we generally ask for a minimum 30 days commitment, we sometimes need foster homes for short-term placements – sometimes as little as one weekend.

Transport and Home Checks
After a basic screening and orientation, you can visit the homes of potential adopters to ensure their home is suitable for a new canine family member. You may also be asked to transport dogs to and from foster homes, classes, adoption fairs, and shelters. All of these activities are essential steps in the adoption process.

The more people we have to staff booths, hand out flyers, and help run events, the more we can be out in the public eye. If you love people and are passionate about spreading the truth of the breed, you may be a great fit for our events team.

Notch 4Special Skills
Do you have a special talent? Work in a specific field? We’re always open to ways new people can help HugABull help more dogs and families. Some great people who donate their time and services to us include:

  • Dog trainers and animal welfare professionals
  • Photographers
  • Artists and graphic designers
  • Printers
  • Writers
  • Fundraisers
  • Event organizers
  • Program coordinators
  • Sponsors

Apply now!

 Interested in Something Else?
We do not have a physical shelter and our adoptable dogs are in foster homes, so we cannot provide opportunities for dog walking. However, if these are the opportunites you are looking for, contact your local shelter. These facilities are generally crowded and stretched for resources, and without volunteers, many animals go for days without leaving their kennels for exercise. Pit bulls suffer especially because they crave the company of people, and may not be walked as often because of their size or because of breed stigma even amongst volunteers.

Walking a pit bull (or other large breed) at your local shelter is a great way to brighten a dog’s life – even just one hour of exercise and human contact goes a long way to alleviating kennel stress. Contact your local SPCA or Animal Control facility and ask about their volunteer dog-walking program. When you meet a great pit bull, you can even get in touch with us and see if you can play a role in rescuing a great dog.