• We provide foster care and adoption for bull breeds in the shelter system.
  • We also provide support for shelters, offering consultation and advice about the pit bulls in their care. We provide courtesy listings on our site, help screen applications, and support adopters.


  • We take every opportunity to showcase pit bulls as friendly and valuable additions to the community. We participate in Canada Day and Pride parades in Vancouver, as well as countless neighbourhood and pet-related events.
  • We provide resources to pit bull owners so that their dogs can be the polite and well-behaved community members they were born to be. This includes Pit Ed classes, group socialization walks, our community forum, and educational events.
  • We encourage responsible dog ownership across all breeds, participating in responsible dog owner events, and promoting and hosting Canine Good Neighbour evaluation sessions.


  • We host an active discussion forum focused on resources for pit bull owners but open to any dog owner or friend.
  • We organize barbeques (Pits in the Park), group walks, and holiday events (Halloween parades, Christmas photos by donation)