bridgeviewWe have been partnering with BC shelters for over 10 years, pulling dogs out of the shelter system and placing them in loving, responsible homes. We are proud to do this work, but we recognize that rescue/adoption is one way to address the issues that are close to our heart: unwanted pets, mistreated animals, and “problem” dogs.

Working with partners and communities, we can support owners and provide them with the information and resources they need to achieve happy, healthy pet relationships. By providing training information, access to vet care, spay/neuter subsidies, and other owner-to-owner support, we hope to raise the level of care for all dogs, of all breeds. In doing so, research shows us that everyone – pets, people, and communities – will be happier, healthier, and safer.

Current initiatives

Owner Support and Outreach Program

HugABull volunteers visit BC communities to provide no-cost resources. The type of support is tailored to each community, but generally includes some combination of trainer consultations, veterinary information, food and supplies, equipment exchanges, and/or dog safety education for kids.

In Surrey, we partner with the Surrey Animal Resource Centre and the Surrey SPCA to offer the Community Food Bank every month at Bridgeview Community Centre.

In New Westminster, we partner with the City of New Westminster, Queen’s Park Pet Hospital, and other community businesses and organizations to offer Pet Outreach Days and subsidized veterinary care throughout the year.

FixABull: Spay and Neuter Support

While we continue to have waiting lists of dogs, including puppies, languishing in our shelters, we believe there is no good reason for your average pet owner to allow their dog to be bred. This is especially true for pit bull breeds, who are most likely to be bred in large numbers, abandoned, or mistreated.

We recognize that spay and neuter may be cost-prohibitive for owners who are struggling with the costs of basic needs and care. For those owners, we have a subsidy program allowing them to apply for a free or low-cost surgery. The procedures are offered by partner veterinarians that provide discounted rates to screened applicants, and additional costs are met through grant and donation dollars generously provided by supporters. The FixABull Subsidies are open to all dog breeds, but we have a special interest in supporting pit bull owners. If you know someone who could benefit from this program, have them download and complete our Application Form.