Foster volunteers care for a HugABull dog in their home. We normally request a long-term commitment, but sometimes need relief and short-term fosters as well (this could range from a day or a couple of weeks). All supplies, vetting, food and training as needed is provided.

Please complete a fostering application if you are interested!

Transport volunteers take dogs to and from foster homes, classes, adoption fairs, vet visits and shelters. You must have access to a car.

Home checks involve visiting the homes of potential adopters to confirm their environment is suitable for a HugABull dog. Applicants are approved by a Director prior to being home checked. Volunteers are provided a home visit checklist to guide their assessment.

Event volunteers help with event preparation and organization, staff booths, hand out flyers, maintain inventory and perform other tasks needed to ensure our events are a success.

Your well-behaved and friendly pit bull may be invited to HugABull events as a positive example of the breed. "Ambassadogs" should be well-trained and calm, bombproof with strange people and dogs, and comfortable with noisy crowds.

Fighting Breed Specific Legislation may involve monitoring City Council and media activity, attending City Council meetings, writing letters, and doing research to educate the public and policy makers about effective animal control policies.

Do you have a special talent or skill you can contribute? Some examples of people who volunteer their expertise include dog trainers, photographers, artists, graphic designers, printers, writers, fundraisers, accountants, lawyers, information technologists and construction professionals.